Residential Living

Our home’s name, Independence Village, is purposefully self-descriptive. We are fortunate to live in a
place and time that offers residential alternatives for the mentally and, or physically challenged. We are
very proud of the Village’s physical space and the service-first staff who provide a “home” environment for
our residents.  Our continuing challenge: "Is there any other residential model that could make the lives of
mentally and, or physically challenged individuals even more enjoyable and fulfilling?”   

Our privately funded non-profit residence cares for approximately Twenty five residents ranging in age from
28 to 80 years. Our residents are individuals with Down Syndrome, developmental disabilities, or brain
injury who need minimal assistance in their daily living. Some of our residents are employed either part-
time or full-time.   

Although each individual has the opportunity and is encouraged to participate in the community in many
ways, the place they call "home" is their Independence Village. The Village includes large suites with living
rooms, spacious closets and built in chest of drawers, bathrooms designed for the physically challenged,
as well as community areas including a large den and entertainment center.  For over 20 years
Independence Village staff members have provided a loving and caring home where a family atmosphere
is encouraged and fostered.

You are invited to visit us anytime and let us show you the comfort and hospitality at the Village.
           Call us to make an appointment :  (409) 935-4335

                                       Resident Eligibility Requirement
                                     Applicants for residence at Independence Village must:

•  Be 19 years old or above

•  Have a primary diagnosis of developmental disability, down syndrome, mild autism
and/or a physical disability (such as traumatic brain injury)

•  Be ambulatory (inclusive of self-mobility with adaptive equipment).

•  Be able to self-medicate with supervision.

•  Be able to communicate needs and understand instruction.

•  Be capable of accomplishing self-help tasks with minimal or no assistance.

•  Be free of disease (communicable or otherwise contagious) which could endanger other    

•  Be without mental health problems or any major emotional/behavior problems.

                                                                    Direct all inquiries to:   


•  Spacious Residential Suites

 Well Balanced Meals and Supplemental Snacks

•  Limited

Twenty-four hour Staffing to assist with everyday living needs

 Activities and Entertainment

 Most of all a loving, caring family environment

To Apply for Residential Living or Respite Care

Please contact us and provide the following information

or contact us by mail at:                                        
                                      The Independence Village

                                             905 Hwy 3 North

                                         Texas City, TX  77591

                                             Or you may call us:

                                               (409) 935-4335

                       Or email us:

                                --We look forward to hearing from you--

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