Mission Statement
905 Hwy 3 North
Texas City, TX. 77591

409-935-4153 (fax)
Our mission is to provide safe, affordable housing for adults with mental and / or
physical challenges and to maintain a healthy, happy home that fosters community
involvement and independent lifestyles.

The Independence Village is a unique facility, in that it evolved from the needs of its
own community to provide quality residential services at a reasonable rate. Our
adults with disabilities desire to live as independently as possible within their home
community where they maintain the support of family and friends. A familty-style
atmosphere is supported with the safety of supervision. Residents are encouraged
to be as independent as possible within the limitations of their disability. Residents
also maintain their own living area.

Residents are given the opportunity to participate in many community activities i.e.
Cancer Walk, Heart Run, Chamber Fun Run, etc.