The Independence Village
                  Adopt-A-Day Program

The Independence Village is a non-profit organization
dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing for
adults with mental or physical disabilities, such as
seizure disorder, short-term memory loss, and traumatic
brain injury. Independence and community integration
are the key goals for each of our residents.

Although each resident pays a monthly fee for a 24 hour,
7 day a week care, it does not fully cover the actual cost
of providing this excellent care. To assure that we
maintain affordable rates for our residents, The
Independence Village "Adopt-A-Day" program was
established. If you or your family and friends have looked
for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of
those who need assistance, "Adopt-A-Day" is the answer!
Do you have a special occasion that you would like to
Why not give a unique gift that helps special needs individuals!
What a memorable way to celebrate every special occasion.

Donors will be recognized on The Independence Village website,
proudly displayed at the Village, and showcased at The
Independence Village Annual Gala. Please consider this unique
opportunity to show your loved ones how very special they are,
by helping our residents as well.








A special day dedicated to your
loved one.

A whole week set apart to honor
your loved one.

An entire month selected to
bring honor to the one you love.